George GOODALL / Charlotte DAGWELL

Ehemann: George GOODALL

Geburt: 1805in:
Geheiratet: in:
Tod: 1862in:
Ehegatte: Charlotte DAGWELL

Ehefrau: Charlotte DAGWELL

Geburt: 1800in:
Tod: 1862in:
Ehegatte: George GOODALL


Name: Thomas GOODALL [8051]
Geburt: 23.03.1841in: Fareham, Hants
Geheiratet: in:
Tod: ABT1923in:
Ehegatte: Martha Sarah DERBEN


[8051] Lived at Old London Turnpike, Fareham with parents in 1841, aged 10 weeks. Pipemaker, aged 30, living at Old Turnpike, Fareham 1871. 1893 worked for LEIGH & Co.. Attended his daughter-in-law Mary Ann's funeral in Bitterne Church in 1914. "Lived in
Portchester & was a clay pipe maker". Pipemaker, living in Fareham in 1863. Present at his first wife (Martha Sarah)'s death (1909), living at West Street, Portchester. Tobacco pipe maker on her death certificate. Scholar, aged 13, living at 29 Old
Turnpike, Fareham in 1851. Lived at North Road, Fareham, aged 20, with parents in 1861. Have marriage certificate (signed). Marriage date also given as 8/1/1862. Pipemaker of Fareham 1863. Pipemaker of Trinity St, Fareham 1865 then Old Turnpike from
1867. Have his photograph. Pipemaker aged 40, living at Old Turnpike with Martha S. and 8 children in 1881. Pipemaker, Fareham 1880. Labourer, North Rd. Pipemaker, Old Turnpike 1871/1876/1878. Tobacco Pipe Maker, aged 50, living at West Street,
Portchester with Martha Sarah, 4 children & 2 grandchildren in 1891. Pipemaker of Portchester 1919. Present at the death of his wife Martha Sarah at West St, Portchester in 1909. Have his photo as an old man.


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